vPDF Desktop Encoder

The vPDF Desktop Encoder compresses scanned PDF files into highly compressed vPDf files. These highly compressed vPDf files retain the same quality as the originals but are, on average, 90% smaller than the original PDF files. The Desktop Encoder has the capability to compress single files, batches of files and/or complete folders of both PDF and/or TIFF files. There is also a built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability. The vPDF encoding is a unique process resulting in highly compressed vPDFs, while still retaining the exact original image with no noticeable difference in quality, but with a file size equaling that of a normal black and white scanned image. Why scan to black and white when you can scan to colour?

Key Benefits:

  • Instant opening PDFs
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function allowing searchable and editable text content
  • Clarity of original with the benefit of being a tenth of the file size
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure required
  • Blends with existing business procedures
  • No specialist IT skills required
  • Complete economical in house solution
  • Compliant with strict global digital archiving standards
  • Web enabled during compression process.
  • x10 – faster transmission speeds, less storage space, faster access, less bandwidth and data usage.
  • Increased Productivity
  • No special 3rd party software required to view or edit the compressed PDFs.